About our Schools

Loddon, together with the adjoining parish of Chedgrave, lies about fifteen minutes drive south-east of the city of Norwich along the main A146 and a similar drive from the Suffolk town of Beccles. Loddon Infant & Nursery School and Loddon Junior School are part of the Loddon Primary Federation working together to serve the children of Loddon, Chedgrave and the other local parishes.

Loddon Infant School

There is currently two Reception classes, based in our Foundation Stage Unit, shared with our Nursery Class.  In Key Stage One we have four classes, two Year 1 classes and two Year 2 classes.

Every classroom has access to a wet area for creative activities, as well as space for investigation, role play and small world play to enhance all curriculum areas.  The Foundation Stage Unit has direct access to an enclosed outdoor learning area, which is used every day, come rain or shine!

All classes have an interactive whiteboard, class computer and set of ‘Learn Pads’.  We also have an ICT Suite which is used for whole class and small group work.  Children regularly enjoy cooking in our children’s kitchen.  Social skills such as turn taking and using good manners when sharing a taste of the results are just as important as the cooking skills learnt!  They also regularly visit our library to choose a book to take home and share.

Children enjoy the use of a paved playground with trim trail and our boat play equipment during the wetter months and a large enclosed playing field in drier times. We also have a large ‘Secret Garden’ where classes and our Gardening Club take part in growing flowers and vegetables, pond dipping and other ‘eco’ activities.

Parental involvement in the life of the school is strong. Parents are involved as parent-helpers, a policy which is actively encouraged. We also invite parents into class each term to work on a curriculum area with their child during ‘Parent Link’ sessions

Loddon Junior School


Loddon Junior  is a friendly school where children feel happy and secure. We provide a supportive and caring environment with high quality teaching and learning which ensures that the education we offer is creative, stimulating and enriching whilst, at the same time, every child’s aspirations are raised.

Pupils will succeed more readily if they are happy. Loddon Junior is a school which focuses on the success and welfare of the individual. Pupils are encouraged to acquire a sense of responsibility, caring attitudes and positive relationships which are so important in their personal development. We recognise that education takes place in all aspects of school life. Loddon Junior offers an extensive range of enrichment activities which enhance the work undertaken in the classroom.
The staff at the school feel it is essential for us to maintain our links with parents and the local community and that children need to develop their understanding of citizenship in a safe and secure environment. To this end, we welcome your involvement with your child’s education. Please come and join us in working together.

If you visit us on any day you will find a school with clear purpose where staff and pupils work hard, people are courteous and treat the environment with respect.