Primary Sports Funding Expenditure

Primary Sports Funding Expenditure

Loddon Infant

All primary schools in England have been allocated a sum of money to help them deliver high quality sport and PE opportunities for pupils.
For the financial year 2014-15, we were allocated £8,164. Our pupils take part in a small number  of cluster organised inter-school activities we have also extended their opportunities through using the cluster SSCO (School Sports Co-ordinator) to arrange Key Stage 1 dance and multi-skills festivals, which include pupils from other schools. Pupils have enjoyed the chance to visit cluster schools to participate in these events. There has been an increase of cross federation working where older children provide sports activities for the younger children.
The bulk of our funding has been used to provide high quality teaching for pupils, with excellent on-going professional development for teachers, through Premier Sports, who teach PE in school each week.   Premier Sport plan and deliver lessons linked to games, gymnastics and dance.  These are observed by the class teacher.  This CPD has had a significant impact on the confidence of teachers in their own teaching, and has improved their ability to differentiate for more able pupils.  Premier Sport regularly update an online assessment system for PE which is accessed and referred to by teachers.

Premier Sports staff also run a lunchtime session, where they  work with children on promoting good teamwork through sport.  This has contributed to an improvement in children’s enjoyment of playtimes.

During the Summer Term children have also had the opportunity to attend an after school tennis club.

In addition to the above sports equipment has also been purchased.

The breakdown of expenditure  for last year is:

Amount for the Financial Year 2014-2015 £8,164
Premier Sport £4,200.00
Cluster Cost SSCO £760.00
Cyber Coach Membership £177.00
PE Equipment £115.75
Total £5,252.75
Incoming £8,164
Outgoing £5,252.75
Total carried forward £2,911.25

Current Financial Year 

Amount for Financial Year 2015/2016 £8,440
Carried forward from 2014/2015 £2,911.25
Total £11,351.25
Premier Sport – Curriculum £2,160.00
Premier Sport – Stay Active £800.00
After school tennis £1,127.50
Cluster cost PE coordinator £760.00
Cyber coach membership £177.00
Total £5,024.50

Loddon Junior