Peregrines Class

Year 2 Class
Teachers – Miss S Sadd & Mrs B Harris

Spring 2017

Peregrines started off this half term by working on the story “Meerkat Mail” by Emily Gravett. This is the story of Sunny the meerkat who lives in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. We found out loads of thing about meerkats through our research online and from reading. We used all this information to create information leaflets. We then went onto find out more about Africa such as the weather, the landscape and the oceans around it. To help us prepare for writing our own stories about another African animal, we went on a visit to Africa Alive. We had a great day there and saw lots of animals to inspire us. Fortunately, the meerkats were out in the sun and this gave us a chance to look more closely at them.

We spent some time in the education centre where we focussed on animal lifecycles. We got to hold a spiny mouse and touch a snake.

Back in school, we started to plan, then write our own stories. We have got titles such as Elephant Mail, Igloo the Giraffe and Fruity Flamingo.



Autumn 2016


Peregrines have spent the first week back after the holidays starting work on their Year 2 activities. In their Maths work they have been focussing on how many tens and ones there are in numbers up to 100. They have been finding different ways to represent these numbers using a bead string and a 100 square.

Peregrines have got straight into their literacy work on a book linked to the story of the “Three Little Pigs”. The book looks at what happens next. So far they have reminded themselves of the traditional story and come up with some questions about it.

On Thursday afternoon, Peregrines have begun working on music and singing sessions which will lead towards a performance in St Andrews Hall in the Spring term.