Robins Class

Nursery Class
Teacher – Mrs H King

Spring 2017


For the second half of this Spring term we have linked all our work to the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

We have used twigs and leaves to make our own little forests and drawn the characters on lolly sticks so we can retell the story to each other.

We have designed and built walls to keep the wolf away.

We have used chalk to draw a path of 2D shapes to help Little Red Riding Hood reach Grandma’s house safely.


We have thought of some questions we’d like to ask the wolf:

‘What do you like to eat really?’ asked Molly.  Katie wanted to know ‘Do you have a Mummy and a Daddy?’ and Farrah wondered   ‘Do you go to wolf school and wolf doctors?’

We have helped to make a cake for Grandma but, as there is no Grandma at Nursery, it looks like we will have to eat it for her!