Woodpeckers Class

Reception Class
Teacher – Miss L Ellis

Spring 2017

This week Woodpeckers have been very busy sowing seeds and talking about what conditions seeds need to grow. we have also been making plants out of clay and naming the parts.

We are having a competition with Kingfishers class to see who can harvest the most potatoes from 2 seed potatoes.

We have loved sensory colour mixing and painting to make a giant beanstalk in class.

Four boys have been very interested in what the builders have been doing. We went to visit and ask some questions about building and what they are doing.

Autumn 2016


Woodpeckers have been busy learning about the human body. We have focused on what’s inside and been thinking about our skeletons.

Luckily we have a hospital set up in class to attend to any broken bones, illnesses or bumps!

dscn5616dscn5627dscn5680 dscn5699We have also started our phonics lessons and are enjoying finding objects that start with the sound of the day.