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Mrs Sadler – Pastoral Support Worker

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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

This information came up online last night so just wanted to pop it on here for all to access….


Monday 1st March 2021

Good Morning and Welcome to the 1st day of March!!

We only have 1 more week until the children return to school and we are all looking forward to seeing everyone.

We know some children will be super excited to be able to come and see their friends and teachers, some will be more anxious about the return – That’s normal so please don’t worry!

Next week will be mainly about getting everyone in and used to attending school again, getting to know everyone and enjoying being back.

If you are worried, please get in contact with us or Class Teacher.

Please see below some advise for returning to school from Winton’s Wish;

1. Get back into a routine

Getting back into a routine can be a great way to prepare for a return to school. Bedtimes and waking times may have changed during lockdown; try to adjust these gradually so that children are ready for the school day.

It may help parents to begin to get the practicalities ready for school – for example clean school uniforms and gather up the school equipment. Remember, the reopening of schools will be a big change for many parents too.

2. Listen to children and young people

Just being there and available to listen to children’s thoughts and feelings is so important. Acknowledging these feelings without judgement or needing to find solutions immediately can help children to open up and share their concerns with you. It can be helpful to reassure children that their feelings are natural and that you are there for them. Every child is different and will experience things in their own way.

3. Encourage them to talk

Sometimes, children can find it difficult to talk about how they are feeling. They may not have the words or know what to say. It can help to offer prompts and open questions as a starting point for conversations. Here are some suggested questions that parents and teachers could ask children to help them talk about their feelings about going back to school:

  • What are you looking forward to?
  • What might be hard?
  • What do you think will be ok?

Monday 22nd February 2021

We hope you have all had a restful half term, the weather has been lovely! A couple of things to start off the New Term, firstly a reminder…

If you don’t want to talk to us but need to talk to someone please see the list below for a few organisations;



www.norfolk.gov.uk Norfolk Early Help Hub – Norwich 01603 224101, South Norfolk 01508 533933




Also, https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resources/parents have some good resources that you may like to have a look at.

Monday 15th February 2021

Firstly a massive Well Done to everyone for the first half term of 2021, Parents its not easy and remember you can only do as much as you can! We are all here to support you and your children.

There are 5 activities that the NSPCC have suggested for half term, for full information please go to net-aware.org.uk

  1. Host a Family Game Night
  2. Let your Child be the Teacher
  3. Create a family Tik Tok dance – we would love to see some of these!
  4. Take online safety offline
  5. Arrange a virtual playdate with family / friends.

We have also attached a couple of activities that may come in useful for you during half term, or to use during the weeks / weekends.

Monday 8th February 2021

Good Morning, We hope you are all enjoying these snowy days and stay safe!

Just a couple of things that we thought we would like to share with you…

Parent workSupporting our young people with anxiety
Date: Tuesday 9 February
Time: 6pm and 7.15pm
Supporting our young people with low mood
Date: Monday 22 February
Time: 1pm and 6pm
Date: Tuesday 23 February
Time: 6pm and 7.15pm
The workshops are being run by  Dr Beth Mosley’s psychology in schools team; made up of clinical psychologists and senior psychotherapists who have worked in specialist mental health services. The team also have a series of podcasts and blogs on the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust YouTube channel which parents may find helpful.  shops
With families in lockdown, you may be wondering about how to keep your children occupied and helping them learn as schools are closed. Talking to the children about this virus can be difficult, if you have younger children you may find it helpful to use this worksheet produced by MindHeart.
It can be really hard not being able to go out and about and the feeling of isolation can be immense and challenging. Reach out to your support network online and perhaps start up a group video chat or skype call once a day to minimise feeling alone. Other parents may be feeling the same so maybe arrange a virtual play date or an online coffee break with friends and family. There are lots of great virtual online community get togethers happening. To find out more use an internet search engine to see what is out there. 

Our tips for managing anxiety include:

  • Limit the news or social media coverage as there is a lot of information and it can be overwhelming.
  • Connect with your friends and loved ones using video messaging, texting and phone calls.
  • Add self-care into your daily routine, whether it be a meditation, cooking or whatever you find relaxing.
  • Focus on your emotional and mental health and if you are feeling low, reach out for support.
  • Keep busy during quarantine, maybe start a new hobby, make something, or even declutter.
  • Share your coping skills with others including your children.
  • Encourage your kids to talk about their worries so they are not bottling things up.
  • Create a solid routine that works for you all and allow flexibility when needed.
  • Exercise can be positive for mental health and do what you enjoy.
  • If you enjoy cooking, get in the kitchen and experiment with the ingredients you have.

It is a very difficult time and if you are in need of support or advice, please call us on 0808 800 2222 or email us at askus@familylives.org.uk. Young Minds have produced a guide for young people who are worried about this. Rethink have written an advice article with plenty of good advice if you are feeling anxious. You might find it helpful to read this guidance from Public Health England. 

Monday 1st February 2021

Good Morning, We hope you are all well. A new month is upon us and this week it is Children’s Mental Health Week. We have a few things to share that may be of help to you and your families.

A good website if you would like to look at is https://www.mentallyhealthyschools.org.uk/resources/express-yourself-children-s-mental-health-week-toolkit/

There is a coffee morning tomorrow at 10am-11am via zoom, please follow the link below…

25th January 2021

Good Morning, We hope you are all well and staying safe. The snow seems to have missed most of us again…although it is a beautiful, bright morning!

There are a couple of things we would like to share with you, one being on Wednesday so please if you are interested book yourself on.

There are plenty of fun activities on the Home Learning Hub on www.twinkl.co.uk.

If you need help and support, please email us or message your class teacher on Dojo.

Have a good week – We are here to help!


Hello Everyone, We hope you have enjoyed the snow this weekend….I’m sure there were lots of snowmen made! Continue to stay at home as much as you can and stay safe!

Just a couple of websites that we feel may be useful to you and your families, please see below.



Good Morning, We hope you are staying safe. We have a couple of links that may help you as parents to feel supported by not only us being here for you and your families, but knowing that it’s okay not to feel okay all the time!

Also, If you need help and support with how to do things that has been set by the children’s teachers, Have a look on the BBC Bitesize website. They have set up a lot of support online.



Happy New Year to you all.

We are all in lockdown 3.0 but school is open to keyworker children and we are all here to continue to support you, at home.

How can we help

  • We will post updates to share support ideas and information for you and your family.
  • We will respond to support requests over emails.
  • Be another point of school contact and support for children and their families.

Please email us on: pastoral@loddonprimaryfederation.co.uk

Emails will be picked up and responded to as soon as possible from one of the team.

If you don’t want to talk to us but need to talk to someone please see the list below for a few organisations;



www.norfolk.gov.uk Norfolk Early Help Hub – Norwich 01603 224101, South Norfolk 01508 533933




Support Summer Holidays 2020

The Summer holidays have arrived. We are so proud of how well everybody has adapted to the new changes in their lives since March this year. We wish our Year 6 every best wish for their future.

We hope you all have a good relaxing holiday and a well earned rest from Home schooling.

The Pastoral team is also going to take a break as well so we can emerge bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for September. The website is worth a browse if you want to try any fun crafty activities over the summer. Also there are all the parent support numbers for you to contact if you need to over the summer holidays. We will list the important ones here so they are quick to find for you.

Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Best wishes

The Pastoral Team



www.norfolk.gov.uk Norfolk Early Help Hub – Norwich 01603 224101, South Norfolk 01508 533933




Also some new resources and activities for the summer from LINK.

How We Can Help

  • We will post daily updates to share support ideas and information for you and your family
  • Respond to support requests over email
  • Be a point of school contact and support for children and their  families.

Please email :  pastoral@loddonprimaryfederation.co.uk

Emails will be picked up daily and responded to as soon as possible from one of the team.

We Are All In This Together


The most important job of all is to make sure that you and your family are safe and well.

All school work and learning and advice is there for you to access if you want to.

Being together as a family is just as important as learning.

Playing a game or baking together is just as valuable mathematically compared to a worksheet of sums.

Everybody is trying to juggle school work, work and family life in their homes, make it as easy as you can for yourselves.

With Very Best Wishes

The Pastoral Team


Music for children the https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFZKK7K52uQ

New Update

Please have a look at this website – lots of lovely ideas to support your family and fun activities for you to do with your children…..

Friday 17th July

Good Morning, Its World Emoji Day!

How are you feeling today?

Here is an activity for you and your children to do – Create your own emoji face!

Thursday 16th July

Hello! It’s nearly the end of the summer Term and well done to everyone in school and at home for all the hard work that has taken place.

We have attached a Summer Activity Book if you would like to use it to entertain the children when they say they are bored….

Tuesday 14th July

Happy Tuesday and we hope you had a happy Monday! Today we have a mindfulness calendar of little activities that can help to reduce anxieties by being present in the moment. This can be used for children from age 3 upwards.

Monday 13th July

Good morning everybody we hope you had a lovely weekend. This is the last week of school for the children not in the key worker bubbles. We hope you have a wonderful week at home and at school.

We have found some Summer holiday fun crafts that may be of use for a rainy day in the holidays. We will list them all here so they are easy to find and choose from.

Friday 10th July

Happy Friday! Parentzone – digital family life information service has free membership available. There is a Parenthub which has some free resources, contacts and activities to support parents and home life over the Summer holidays. Well worth checking out https://parentzone.org.uk/ . Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 9th July

Hello everyone!

Just a quick link for you to go onto and have a read through ‘Why we can’t hug’, A sequel to the book ‘The Hug’ on the Books trust website.


Wednesday 8th July

Good morning it is a bit of a grey day today. We have a little cooking project for you to try as we are stuck inside. Can you make yourself or all your family out of gingerbread?

Tuesday 7th July

Happy Tuesday and we hope you had a good Monday. Today we wanted to share some helpful information that has been shared with us. If your child has sensory issues around clothing there are companies which manufacture items that aim to reduce particular sensitivity issues.

There are a few different companies and it is definitely worth an online search to investigate. Here is a link to one company to get you started.


Monday 6th July

Happy Monday and a very good morning to you from the Pastoral Team. We hope you all had a wonderful and relaxed weekend. Today we have a fun activity for you that might make use of all the twigs ,seeds and leaves that the wind has been blowing everywhere over the weekend. Have a lovely day.

Friday 3rd July

Good Morning. It’s been a busy week for everyone so we just want to say make sure you are all taking time to rest rejuvenate and stay safe.

Thursday 2nd July

Good Morning, I hope everyone has had a good week so far… just wanted to remind people if you need support we are here or if you don’t want to talk to us, there are services available online, please take a look.

Tuesday 30th June

Good morning. Hope you are all having a good week so far. The pastoral team would love to see any of your drawings or artwork you have done or are doing. Please send any pictures of artwork to pastoral@loddonprimaryfederation.co.uk. Have a lovely day.

Monday 29th June

Good Morning everybody, we hope you had a lovely weekend. We are looking forward to seeing some of you in school more this week.

The weather may not be as nice this week so we have been looking up some indoor things you can do over the weekend. Over the next 3 weeks it is Children’s Art Week ;-

Children’s Art Week 2020 will take place across 3 weeks from 29th June to 19th July. Activities will take place online, at home and in schools. Each week has a different theme:

  • Week 1 – The Natural World
  • Week 2 – Connecting across generations
  • Week 3 – Literacy and creative writing

Keep an eye out for some interesting activities to try at home. We have found an activity for you to try which teaches you how to draw animals. Give it a go. Have a lovely day.

Thursday 25th June

Morning! With everything changing, things can be difficult. Please look at this website, it could help you and your children.

Wednesday 24th June

Good morning everybody. We hope you are having a good week. Everything feels a little different at the moment as we move slowly out of lock down. It can feel a little overwhelming at times. Just remember you can move at your own pace and only do what you are comfortable with.

Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning to you on a lovely sunny day! Today we have a mindfulness gratitude activity for you to try. It is a lovely way to remind yourself of all the important and wonderful things in your life. Have a great day!

Monday 22nd June

A very happy Monday morning to you. We hope you are all well and have had a lovely weekend. The sunshine seems to make everything feel a little bit better. It is always important to check in with yourself and your feelings. Due to our new way of living at the moment it feels like our feelings are constantly changing all the time. Today we have an activity to try where you can stop for a moment and explore how you feel. Remember it is important to feel what you are feeling but that you are not your feelings. We can stop , observe them, be with them and then move on.

Friday 19th June

Hello it’s Friday again… we thought you may like something fun to do at home…. Make your own Broad.

Thursday 18th June

Good Morning! We know people are starting to think about transitions for their children and Our school are looking into this for your children. If you would like some help, support or just listen there is a virtual meeting by Just One Norfolk tomorrow at 13.30.

Visit – https://www.justonenorfolk.nhs.uk

Any problems email: michelle.walker6@nhs.net

Wednesday 17th June

Happy Wednesday. We hope you managed to have a good day yesterday despite the rain. When it rains it always feels more difficult to find things to do. Today we have included some outdoor rainy day activities just in case we get some more rain!

Tuesday 16th June

Good morning everybody and we hope you enjoyed the lovely weather yesterday.

We are so proud of our children who returned to the Infant school yesterday. A happy day was had by both children and staff. Well done everybody.

Today we have a fun make your own rainbow activity for you to try.

Monday 15th June

Good morning and we hope you had a very lovely weekend enjoying the beautiful weather.

We were so proud of the Year 6 children who came back to school last week, they did so well. This week it is the turn of the Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children and we wish them, their parents and our staff every best wish for a very happy week.

We have attached a PowerPoint shared by the Year 1 team.

Friday 12th June

Good Morning, We thought this may be 10 minutes you could do with your children. Hope the weather gets nicer for the weekend!


Thursday 11th June

Good Morning, We know things are changing on a regular basis now which can be hard for some to manage however we are hear to discuss with you or you are able to speak to Just One Number about your or your child’s anxieties or concerns.



Wednesday 10th June

Good morning everybody from the pastoral team.

Everybody is working together to get the Infant school ready for next week. We understand that this is both an exciting and a nervous time for everybody. We are here for you all to support you during this time. Please get in contact via our email if you need us – pastoral@loddonprimaryfederation.co.uk.

Tuesday 9th June

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! It looks like the sun is back with us today!

We were so proud of everybody yesterday and it was lovely to see more children come back to school and have an enjoyable day.

It can help , when you are talking about coming back to school, to practise and discuss social distancing by using models or toys. Today we have a craft activity where you can make a Lego or Mine craft character to practise social distancing with.

Monday 8th June

Good morning everybody. We hope you all had a good weekend despite the weather.

Today we are so pleased to be welcoming back to school our first groups of Year 6 children. Everybody in school is so looking forward to seeing you, and everybody at home wishes you the very happiest of returns to school this week.

Friday 5th June

Well the weather isn’t as nice as it has been recently however its still bright!

We have some information around ‘Bubbles’, your children will have heard this a lot recently if they are returning to school and I thought it would be good to do at home with all the children whether they are returning next week or over the coming weeks.

Thursday 4th June

Good Morning Thursday

The weather has changed a little again today so today’s activity we have is for some positive colouring, these may help you think about the changes that are happening for all of us. Things are slowly changing for people, these may help to remember how we feel….

Wednesday 3rd June

Happy Wednesday to you all

Now is a good time to start to reflect on our time in lockdown. It has been a difficult time and we feels lots has been taken away from us. Families have told us how they have been doing lots and learning new skills. Today we have an activity called “what positives have come from lockdown?”.

This lovely worksheet is a fun way of helping children to gain a more positive outlook during this time. Through these three activities, children have to reflect on and identify the skills and talents they have gained during lockdown, providing them with a sense of pride and motivation. Then they can display them, for all to see.

Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning everybody from the pastoral team! Hope you have a lovely day in the sunshine.

If you look about outside today you may see a glimpse of a butterfly. The butterfly is often seen as a symbol of hope, change and transformation.

We have a cooking recipe today – maybe you could transform some ingredients into some delicious cakes?

Monday 1st June

Good morning everybody and the warmest of welcomes back to the second half of the Summer term. We hope you are all well and have been able to enjoy the wonderful sunny weather over the half term holidays.

We are all working together to get the school ready for next week. We understand that this is both an exciting and a nervous time for everybody. We are here for you all to support you during this time. Please get in contact via our email if you need us – pastoral@loddonprimaryfederation.co.uk.

Friday 22nd May

Hope you have had a good week so far…. Next week is Half Term and the school is closed.

We will be checking our emails midweek if you would like to contact us, please email pastoral@loddonprimaryfederation.co.uk

Please enjoy next week with your children, hopefully the weather will continue to be nice!

Thursday 21st May

Good Morning! Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather and staying safe!

There is a Mindful Monsters Activity Pack for you to download and complete with your children during half term if you would like….

Wednesday 20th May

Happy Wednesday to you all.

Hope you have been enjoying the sunny weather. Today we have got a few more crafty ideas for you to do, reminding us that summer is on it’s way! Enjoy yourselves, and send us your pictures as we love to see them.

Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May 2020) This year’s theme is kindness – being kind to ourselves and others. Here are five ways to wellbeing:

Tuesday 19th May

The very best of morning wishes to you. We hope you had a good day yesterday. Today we have an activity sheet that can help you to realise how special you are. Take a moment to answer the questions about yourself and find out just how amazing you are.

Monday 18th May

Good morning everyone. Hope you have had restful weekends.

It is Mental Health Awareness Week this week and it is a good time for us to check in and see how we are feeling in these very different times. Something that can be a very simple support system is to stay focused on the moment you are in. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow or next week or next month but if we can give our whole focus to what we are doing at the moment we can switch our mind away from worries and concerns that may not even happen. It is something you have to practise but it can be very helpful.

Thursday 14th May

Good Morning, Just to let you know there is a live Virtual Day on Facebook with Chester Zoo focusing on Endangered Species Day Friday 15th May.

Wednesday 13th May

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all keeping yourselves busy and well.

Today we thought it might be the day to make something arty. All made out of things we can find at home.

We have also got salt dough hand / foot prints to make and paint from the ‘This Morning’ website.

We hope you enjoy making them and we look forward to you emailing pictures back to us. Have Fun!

Tuesday 12th May

Good morning. What a beautiful sunny start to the day.

There was a lot of new information shared through the news yesterday and it can feel a bit overwhelming with all the possible predictions for change and what is going to happen next.

A good coping strategy is to limit your exposure to news throughout the day. Pick a key time where you will listen to a briefing or an update (if you want to do this) and try and stick to it. You keep up to date this way and you also avoid getting bombarded by many different views , opinions and predictions which can start to play on your mind.

We will get to where we need to be steadily. Each day is a stepping stone.

Monday 11th May

Good morning and we hope you all had a lovely weekend.

We have all probably woken up today with thoughts about how our daily lives are going to change again after the presentation from the Prime minister last night. We would like to reassure you that our school will continue supporting you all in exactly the same way as we work together to plan for your children in the future.

We are always here if you need us.

Thursday 7th May

Good Morning to you all! Just a reminder that tomorrow is a Bank Holiday and school will be shut so please take some time to relax a bit.

As everyone is aware, talks are beginning to start getting lives moving again however we currently don’t know how that will look. Children will start to ask questions and some of which you may be unsure how to answer them, we have put a link here to help you talk about the Coronavirus with your children and to help them understand ways in which they can keep everyone including themselves safe.


Wednesday 6th May

Happy Wednesday to you all! As it’s children’s book week, we wondered if you would like to make a mini book about how you are feeling? Some of you have told me it has been a bit tricky, being stuck at home, so why not make a mini book about it?

We have made one here for you to look at. We have attached a template that you print off and use your own drawing or photos. Or, you can use your computer skills and make one on PowerPoint.

Please remember to email them to us so we can see your fantastic work. Enjoy!

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning and Happy Tuesday. Don’t forget this week is a 4 day working week (for some ) and Friday is a bank holiday. If you can, plan some time to relax and recoup from the demands of our current way of living.

Monday 4th May

Good morning from us all. We hope you have had a restful weekend.

This week is Children’s book week. This has been a traditional annual celebration of reading for pleasure. At this moment, this year, books offer us even more. A book or a story are chances to escape into our imagination and explore another world. Stories from books, audio stories or stories in the form of a favourite childhood movie give us a chance to switch off from thinking and relax.

Friday 1st May

Good Morning everyone, we hope you have all managed to settle into a way of managing for you and your children…. we felt this resource may be of help to you all, lots to choose from. Have a good weekend, hopefully the weather is a little nicer again..

Thursday 30th April

Good Morning, Hope everyone enjoyed the sun first thing….. We just wanted to give you a website to look at if you are struggling during this period in lockdown or please email us on pastoral@loddonprimaryfederation and let us know, we will be able to call and talk to you.


Wednesday 29th April

Good morning everyone. Let’s hope the garden enjoyed the rain yesterday and we will see some spring sunshine again today.

This week some children and parents have been talking to us, telling us they are finding it a bit tricky this week. So with that in mind, we thought we would put some social stories to read with your children (or you can edit them and print them off like booklets) to help explain about why we all are working from home, not in school and not able to see our friends and families.

Also here is a sheet for children, to help them to deal with their frustrations of being at home all the time.

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning everybody, hope you are all well. We have attached some resources today to help with mindfulness and relaxation for your family.

Monday 27th April

What a beautiful weekend filled with Spring sunshine. We do hope you all got to enjoy it.

It can be difficult to process all this change at times. Mindful activities where you really have concentrate really help to give you a moment of peace. Today we have attached a sheet of how to create an origami butterfly to have a try at. The butterfly is also a beautiful symbol of positive benefits after a period of change and growth. We would love to see pictures of any butterflies you have made.

Friday 24th April

We hope everyone has had a good first week back, I’m sure everyone has tried different ways home learning this week especially with the sunny weather! We have found some people are talking about different ways in which you can plan a timetable to help with what you want to achieve… attached is a different way to look at using days rather than times…

Thursday 23rd April

Good Morning everyone! Hope everyone has had a good first week back! We have a really helpful bulletin that if you need to contact services, email addresses and telephone numbers, Please click on the link below.

Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning. It’s Wednesday, half way through the school week already!

Today we wanted to focus on the importance of kindness. We have attached a kindness check list from Twinkl, which you can use to show how thoughtful and kind you all are being at home.

Once you have done your check list, you might like to make a Kindness Tree like we have done (see below), and put it up on your wall, to remind you of how lovely you are.

We would love to see some pictures of your Kindness Trees, so please email them to us!

21st April

Happy Tuesday. We have all enjoyed watching the welcome back videos from our school staff and we hope you have too.

The Norfolk Constabulary – Children and Young People Community Safety Team have send us some virtual safety resources to share with you. This is to support schools and parents as we are currently working in this new way. Please take a look.

20th April

Welcome back to the Summer Term!

The Pastoral team hopes that you have had a restful Easter and that you managed to get some chocolate and sunshine.

This is a very different start to the Summer term for all of us. All the staff are missing seeing all of you and we are very much looking forward to the day that we can all be together again.

All the teaching teams will be uploading new learning and activities this week. Only do as much as you want to and are able to and remember we are all only an email away if you want some help.

Take care.

9th April

We would like to wish you a very happy and restful Easter.

We are continuing to check emails over the holidays and we are looking forward to adding our daily updates again from the 20th April.

We have attached a copy of the book Coronavirus A book for children.

3rd April

Easter approaches and the weather is starting to look promising, please continue to adhere to government advise but try and get some fresh air and exercise!

We have attached a few things for you to look at including some Easter colouring eggs – you can cut them out and stick them in your windows.

Also, after Easter please have a look at the following information….

2nd April

Good Afternoon!

We have nearly made it to the Easter Holidays, Well Done!

I have added the Just One Number for anyone that may need to get advice without ringing 111. Also, take a look on their website as there is a lot of really useful information.

1st April

Good Morning on the 1st day of April

I have attached a website at the bottom of this beautiful bee picture for you all to try….. it doesn’t matter how you put it together or with what you use – if you had an old CD (parents) you could break it in half and use it for the wings. ENJOY!


Welcome to Tuesday. If the sun stays with us for a little bit today try to get outside for some fresh air. It is a very simple thing to do but it makes you feel much better.


Good morning and we hope you all had a restful weekend.

An idea to make weekends a little more fun at the moment would be to create a wishing jar. It is very hard as a parent or carer to hear all the wishes your children make whilst not being able to go out. Every time as a family you wish you could go to the park or visit a family member or friend, for example, write it down on a small piece of paper and put it in a clean jar or box. When we can all go out again you have a jar of wishes to grant slowly one by one.


Good Morning Everyone!

We hope you have all had a good week at home with your children, if you have run out of ideas, We have attached an activities sheet for ideas – you could even do one with your children with ideas from what you have in your house!

We also have a couple of reward charts so that you can help encourage and support your children through each week


Good Morning!

Hope you are all getting on well, we are nearly at the end of the 1st week of being at home. Let us know if there are is anything that we can help with as the days go on.


Morning Everyone!

We hope you are all keeping well and happy at home.

Today we are posting a sheet from Twinkl, please take a look and have a go.


Happy Tuesday

We hope you are all well and finding lots to do to keep yourselves happy and busy. The Pastoral Team will add daily information and updates to this page.