Year 2

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We would love to see your work, so please email it to us. If you have any questions, or require any support, please also email our Year 2 team

Friday 8th January 2020

Good morning Year 2s! Thank you for sending in all your fabulous work yesterday, it was great to hear from so many of you! Your work for today is on Dojo under Class stories. Please get in touch if you need us and send your work through, we love to see it!

Have a lovely day 🙂

Previous learning


Good morning Year 2s! I hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying the work we are setting for you? Thank you for what you have sent in so far via email and Dojo, we are loving seeing what you have been up to!

Here is the home learning for today. The PowerPoint contains all the lessons and activities that you will be learning today. If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do what we can to help.

Have a lovely day 🙂


Hello Yr 2. We are starting to get used to the website again and it has been lovely to see so many of you sending in your work through Dojo. We have also printed off paper packs which are at the Junior site if you prefer to use them.

Literacy. Take a look at the mind map below and read it carefully. You might need a bit of help with some words. Can you predict which animal we are learning about this term. No cheating from older siblings! Make a prediction and share it with us.

Maths-This is from Nrich and is an open ended problem with many possible answers. Please share your ideas with us.



Happy New Year to you all. Work will start to go on for you today, but it might take a bit of time to get back into using the website and transferring all our planned activities. As always we would love to hear from you on the Yr 2 Email or Dojo. We will be carrying on with multiplication and division in Maths and will become Explorers for topic so we promise it will be an exciting half term.



This term we will be learning about famous Arctic Explorers. Today we would like you to have a think about where you would like to explore if you could go anywhere and explain why. You could take a look at an atlas or world map to give you ideas. Please write it down and share it with us on Dojo or by Email. Can you use ’because’ in a sentence? Can you explain what attracts you to a certain place?  We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Summer Term 2

Week 7 Beginning 13 July Summer term 2

Here is the maths and literacy for this week. The hard copies of these are also in the entrance to the Junior school.

Week 6 Beginning 6 July Summer term 2

Here is the maths and literacy for this week. These can also be picked up from the Junior school entrance.

Week 5 Beginning 29 June Summer Term 2

Here is the maths and literacy for this week. These can also be picked up from the Junior school entrance.

Friday 26th June

Hello Yr 2, what a scorching day is was yesterday! Here is some art work which you may enjoy.

Thursday 25th June

Another lovely sunny day! You could try drawing round your shadow first thing in the morning. What do you think will happen to it later in the day? How will it change? Stand in the same place later in the day. How has your shadow changed?

Wednesday 24th June

Another beautiful sunny day. We hope you are all enjoying doing lots of fun things outside.

Tuesday 23 June

Hello year 2s. We hope that you are enjoying this lovely weather. Lots of you have been growing vegetables since we haven’t been in school so you will probably be busy over the next few days keeping them watered! Here is a RE activity for you to do:

Week 4 Beginning 22 June Summer Term 2

Hello Year 2s. Here is some of the work for this week. The maths and literacy booklets are available in the junior school entrance in printed out form.

Week 3 beginning 15 June Summer Term 2

A very rainiy day! Here’s some science work:

Wednesday 17th June

All the maths and literacy work for this week can still be found at the junior school in the entrance. Here are some PE activities for this week:

Tuesday 16th June.

Hello to all the Year 2s. Here is some art work for today. All the maths and literacy booklets are still available at the junior school.

Hello Year 2. Here is some of the work for this week. More will be added each day. The maths and literacy is also printed out in booklet form and is in the junior school entrance.

Friday 12th June

A little extra maths for the end of the week in addition to the maths for the week which is available in booklet form at the junior school or were posted on here on Monday.

Wednesday 10th June

Good morning, thanks for the emails and the feedback from those of you who have preferred collecting the paper booklets. There are still some in the foyer at the Junior site.

Tuesday 9th June.

Most of the week’s work is below for you to use online or you can also pick the maths and literacy up in printed booklet form from the Junior School entrance. Here is some RE to try too:

Week 2 beginning 8th June Summer Term 2

Hello Year 2. Here’s this week’s work below. The literacy continues from last week and there are some booklets of it printed out in the junior school foyer. From Tuesday am, the maths will be printed out in booklet form for you to pick up from there too if you would like it.


Topic –

5th June

Lovely to see your Monet paintings. You can take a tour to see his work here

Have a super weekend.

4th June

Hello Yr 2. Now its a bit cooler you might be indoors more. If you want you can use the Pobble 365 website which has a different image each day to stimulate writing.

3rd June

Hello Yr 2. Another beautiful morning, there are lots of activities for you to do this week so nothing new put up today. Thanks for all your emails and news.

2nd of June

Good morning, lovely to hear how you all are. We made these yesterday and they are lots of fun. You can find lots of other ideas on this website. Don’t forget to send us your pictures!

Here’s some more activities for this week too – some phonics/sentence work and some art/history linked to Monet.

Week beginning 1st June 2020

Hi to all the Year 2s. We hope that you have had a lovely week’s break for half term. There has been lots of lovely sunny weather for you all to enjoy outside.

Here are the activities for the first week of this half term. The Literacy is a poetry pack with lots of different activities that can cover a fortnight but you choose how/when to use it. We have printed some packs out and they can be picked up from the Junior Site after 3 today.

22cnd May

HAPPY HALF TERM! We’d just like to say a massive thank you to you all, for emailing your lovely photos and videos of both work and what you have been up to in your free time! We have loved seeing you (virtually), reading your emails and hearing about your adventures. We think you have all done an amazing job, have a good rest and see you back online on the 1st of June.

21st May

Hello, what a superb week we are having with the warm weather. Here is a link to some outside activities from The Woodland Trust. They have lots more on their website.

20th May

Good Morning, we have enjoyed seeing your work. Lots of brilliant stories and science. We have given you an extra idea here of ‘seaside in a bottle’ – you could do it without the sand.

19th May

Good Morning. Some of you might have seen it is mental health awareness week and Mrs Richardson has put together some brilliant resources which you might find useful. The focus is kindness.

Also we have heard some of you are enjoying Carol Vorderman’s free Maths lessons

However you choose to spend your day, we do insist that if possible, you get outside and enjoy the warm weather. It has a huge impact on your well- being. Stay safe, be alert and have lots of fun!

18th May

Hello Yr 2. What superb weather we have had this weekend! It looks like it will stay sunny this week too. Here is this weeks activities but as always you know they are optional and we are always here on the end of an email if you have any questions. Here is a link to making a miniature book which we tried yesterday and a version by Axel Scheffler. You might recognise his name from some of your favourite books.

15th May

Happy Friday, it is nearly the weekend and we have printed new booklets for you that can be collected from the junior site. They are just inside the doorway so there is no need to have contact with anyone. Don’t worry if they run out as we will be printing more next week.

Next week you will be writing your own story based on Fantastic Mr Fox so you could be thinking what you will call your main character and who they are trying to outsmart?

We have also uploaded some egg experiments as an extra. The bouncing egg looks fun.

14th May

Hello Yr 2, it has been good to hear that many of you are getting to spend longer outdoors. We hope its another sunny one but if you get stuck for ideas we wanted to remind you about word art. You can create all sorts of images with words and send them to us or your family by email etc.

13th May

Good Morning, what a beautiful day it was yesterday, we hope it’s another today. Here is an optional non-fiction reading comprehension about foxes. There is three different levels of comprehension and the answers are also there to self assess. We have also put up the link to Space Hangman which the children love but you do need Flash. You could play it on paper or make your own word search if you can’t play it online..

12th May

Good Morning Yr 2. Lets hope it is a sunny one and you can enjoy some outdoor fun. This weeks work is all on Monday so just scroll back and pick it up and use as it suits you. We will continue to put up bits and pieces each day and we are always an email away.

Here is a little of something extra incase you need a challenge. There are lots more on to keep you busy, just make sure you look at the age rating for the activity/investigation you choose and they usually have guidance and solutions on the left hand side incase you need them.

Watch the video below all the way through.

What do you see?

Play it again.  You could pause it while you’re watching, if you like.  And you might like to watch it again more than once.

Describe what you notice.
Each time the counters are moved, what is the same? What is different?  

Imagine you are making a similar video but with twelve counters. 
What would it look like?

We would love to see your ideas – you could make a video, or you could take photos, or you could draw pictures, or…

Week 11th May

Hello Yr 2, we hope you have had a lovely long weekend, and had chance to soak up some sunshine before a very much colder Sunday! We will continue to put up the weeks learning on a Monday. Do get in touch, we are always here and love to hear from you. We are pleased to share the free log in for all of Phonics Play that doesn’t use Flash.

Thursday 7th May 2020

Computing – If you used the Bee Bot app yesterday and gave them instructions to move you could now go onto trying this challenge of creating your own coding game:

Jacqui has made a couple of videos for you to watch and try.

If you make a bookmark or do the keepie uppie challenge remember to take a picture to send to us.

As it is VE Day tomorrow, here are a few extra fun activities:

Wednesday 6th May

Remember the B-Bots that we use in school? There is a picture of one below.

We have to clear their memory each time and programme them with a series of instructions to move in different directions and then off they go.

Use the direction cards to see if you can programme yourself to follow a series of instructions. You could also try doing this with a toy of some kind. You could also use the B-Bot picture below or create your own that you can move.

Can you make up some of your own instruction cards to try out on someone?

There is a Bee-Bot app (TTS Group) which you can download. You can then give the Bee-bots instructions online.

Tuesday 5th May

Hello Year 2s. We hope that you have got some time outside in between the showers. All the main work for this week is on yesterday’s post but here is an extra maths problem that you could work on too:

Good morning Year 2s. We hope that you have all had a good weekend. This week’s activities are below. Also look out for some extra daily challenges. Let us know how you get on.

Friday 01.05.20

Good morning Yr 2. Happy first of May! Some of you have asked about getting Espresso at home and we are pleased to say we now have a log in. We need to give it to you through email though so please just let us know if you would like the details. The children know the site very well.

Thursday 30.04.20

Hello Yr 2. Thanks for keeping in touch and letting us know what you have been doing this week. We continue to be impressed through hearing about your achievements from learning to ride your bike, baking, gardening and your home learning. Please continue to share them by email. Today we have added some optional maths activities/games from White Rose. The pastoral section also has some new activities/information on so do take a look.

Wednesday 29.04.20

Good morning Yr 2, the weather was a bit wet yesterday but hopefully you managed to dodge the rain and get some fresh air. We have added this time capsule as an optional activity today. You don’t have to create one using the booklet, as you could make your own with an empty jar or bottle.

Tuesday 28.04.20

Well done for sending us all the different work you have been doing. You have been busy doing various activities including learning to tell the time, creating your mini cinemas and finding out about foxes.

If you want something additional to do please take a look at There are some amazing lessons and challenges on there!

Monday 27.04.20

Good morning Yr 2. We hope you have had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the warm weather. We will continue to put the weeks learning up on a Monday for you to access/use in a way that suits your circumstances. We have loved speaking to you all last week and please do get in touch with any queries.

We all love Oliver Jeffers and he is reading lots of his books on the link below-enjoy!


Friday 24th April

Hello Year 2s. Well done for all the work you have been doing. We have enjoyed looking at what you have sent in to us. All this week’s work is on here below this post. Here’s an extra challenge for today:

Welcome back to all the Year 2 children. We hope you have had a good Easter and had a break from all the home learning you have been doing. This week we are going to trial posting the whole week’s work on the Monday. So, for example, a maths file goes up and in it there are 5 sessions for the week. These can then be done at whatever point suits you best e.g. one session a day or 2/3 at a time. Also, if you miss a day then it is easy to see what would have come in the session before.

Each day we will still send you a daily post including a small additional activity. We will also be reading and replying to your emails every day.

Thursday 23rd April

Good morning Year 2s. It’s been great to speak to some more of you on the phone. We are really impressed by all the work and different activities that you have been doing.

If you would like some more ideas, have a look under the Pastoral section of the home learning on the website.

All the weekly activities are posted below but if you would like a little extra to do then how about joining in (you could even add some actions) with this You Tube counting video:

Wednesday 22nd April

Hi Year 2s. Thank you for all the work that you have already sent in this week. If you look below on this page there are all the activities for this week. Also here is a little extra maths for today if you want to give it a go:

Tuesday 21st April

Hello Year 2s. Hope you are enjoying starting work on this week’s activities. All of these are below this post. We have already heard that some of you have started work on Fantastic Mr Fox and are brushing up on your time telling skills. It was lovely to get the chance to hear how some of you are getting on when we gave you a ring yesterday and we’re looking forward to getting in touch with the rest of you over this week.

If you would like a little extra to do here is a little challenge:

03.04.20 Friday– Happy holiday Yr 2, we are very pleased with how much you have achieved this past couple of weeks. It is time to take a break. We have put together some ideas for you, if you would like to use them. There are also resources on the pastoral part of the website for you to use. Well done, lots of you have registered for Oxford Owl and are accessing free books. We are waving goodbye to Sunny, Africa and safari and will start our new topic after Easter (April 20th). Make sure you remember his motto though… ‘Stay safe, stay together and watch out for jackals!’

02.04.20 Thursday – Hello Yr 2. Today is the last day of term before the Easter holiday. Over the break you will not get any typical learning online but we will put up some fun activities. Also, if you want some structure, you can go back over the last 2 weeks on here to see if you have missed anything. Please join Oxford Owl who are offering free online books so reading should still be done regularly. For today you might have some work to finish, so the art is optional. We have added the CE spelling list for Yr 2 too as this can be used in many ways such as bingo, handwriting and editing. For literacy look back to yesterday as the lesson can cover two days. You have more measuring in maths and a recap in phonics. Have a good day everyone.

01.04.20 – Good Morning Yr2. Here is todays work, don’t forget it’s April Fools Day! We would usually be doing PE today so I have included some outdoor activities but you can do other exercise instead.

And another brilliant safari in a box- we like the meerkat on lookout-Keep them coming!

Tuesday 31.03.20. Good morning Yr 2. Here are some activities for today. You may have plenty to get on with already but if you want something extra you could do the safari in a shoebox as it looks fun.

Monday 30th March- Hello Year 2s. We hope you have had a good weekend. There is a PowerPoint here today with the days activities on. Hopefully you can access it at home but if not let us know on the Yr2 email. There is some of our usual lessons and an art activity to go over the week. Have fun!

Friday 27th March – Hello Year 2s. We hope you have been enjoying this week of lovely weather. It could get a bit chilly at the weekend so best to get out there today! A few activities for today below then more to follow next week.

Thursday 26th March – Good morning Year 2s. It looks like it is another lovely day so I hope you get plenty of chances to get outside. Here’s also a few other home learning activities. Some maths (following on from yesterday) and a story writing activity to start off with. Have a look at the outdoor exploration activity and see what you can find.

Wednesday 25th March – Hello Year 2s! Hope you have all been getting a chance to enjoy this lovely weather. Some subtraction for maths and then a phonics recap from yesterday coming up today. Also carry on with the good work on your Home Learning Packs.

Tuesday 24th March – Good morning to all our Year 2 children. Here are your learning activities for today.

Monday 23 March

Hi to all of our Year 2 children. How are you getting on with the Home Learning Pack? Let us know how it goes. Look out for some new things on here tomorrow.

  • Read everyday
  • Write book reviews for the books you finish
  • Keep a diary
  • Practise 2, 5 and 10 times tables
  • Complete calculations using all four operations (+, -, x and ÷)
  • Measure objects around your home and record the lengths
  • Go on a 3D shape hunt, write the names of all the shapes you find, then make a table and record the number of faces, edges and vertices for each object.
  • Collect some coins from your money box, list the coins you have and find the total amount. Try to make the same amount using different coins.