Year 1 Curriculum

Year 1 Overview

  Autumn Spring Summer
Maths Based on Hamilton Trust Planning Based on Hamilton Trust Planning Based on Hamilton Trust Planning
  What makes us Human Journeys and Dreams Fire Animals Nonsense and Victorians The Sea
English English Text: Start with “You Choose” then go onto “see my Rocket Poem” OR “Toys in Space” Mini Grey Where the Wild Things Are The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward The Big Blue Whale

The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear

Further adventures………. by Julia Donaldson

Three by the Sea – Grey/Sharing a Shell


Science Animals including humans- identify, name and draw basic parts of the body +five senses + seasonal changes (Compare humans to aliens / Wild Things) Everyday material identify, name and group a variety of everyday materials including rock, glass, metal Seasons/trees. Tree identification.

Work scientifically to observe and perform tests to melt ice (Hamilton plan)

Identify common animals, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Identify carnivores, herbivores and omnivores (day length). Describe and compare the structure of common animals. Life cycles and food chains.

Plants, observe four seasons, day, length. Name parts of a plant

Animals including humans.

Materials – explore, discuss, raise and answer questions about a variety of materials including fossils.

Work scientifically on growing peas, potatoes, space experiment. Identify herbs

History Lives of significant individuals -Neil Armstrong. First moon landing and First flight (Wright brothers) Compare to transport today. Tim Peake Fire of London Victorian school compare to today

Observe changes to seaside towns to Victorian times.

Nelson-Significant local person

Geography Locational knowledge / geographical skills and field work and place knowledge. (looking at globe, Google maps then space landings)

Compare China to the Uk. Name, locate and identify characteristics of both countries and capital cities. Map reading in the style of book using compass

Locational knowledge – start to locate seven continents and five oceans. Geographical differences.


Place knowledge following Lear’s travels and letters.

Use basic geographical vocabulary to refer to key physical features ie beach, cliff, forest. Work on location knowledge.

Locate seaside towns on map.

Identify seasonal and daily weather patterns

DT Rockets and paper aeroplanes, evaluate through best flight. Design, make and evaluate own 3D diorama. Develop technical knowledge ie what makes it stronger?

Make evaluate dragon machine as a class. Use a wide range of materials and use technical knowledge to make stronger, more stable etc

Cooking and nutrition

Cooking Chinese food

Cooking and nutrition

– understand where food comes from-gardening harvest -cook potatoes

Design, make, evaluate a beach hut.

Create moving vehicle-resembling cars from all ages from Lego.


Art starry night -Van Gogh working across all ks1 Art curriculum objectives Maurice Sendak’s Leaves. look at how Chinese originally invented paper. Make paper, evaluate etc Pointillism (Seurat) Four Seasons Nonsense Botany
PE Val Sabin Val Sabin Val Sabin
Computing Twinkl – PlanIt Twinkl – PlanIt Twinkl – PlanIt
  Computing skills Painting Scratch Using and Applying Word Processing
RE Discovery RE Discovery RE Discovery RE
  The Creation Story The Christmas Story Jesus as a Friend Easter Shabbat Chanukah
Music Music Express Music Express Music Express
  Ourselves Weather Machines Our School Storytime Travel