Year R Curriculum

In Reception, we follow the DfE synthetic phonics programme ‘Letters and Sounds’ in Phonics, and complement this with Jolly Phonics actions. Our Maths planning is based on lessons from Hamilton Trust, and we also use ‘Talk 4 Writing’ to develop our spoken language and encourage a love of stories.

We work towards the Early Learning Goals (ELGs), which we aim to reach by the summer term. You can find a summary of these here, along with some activities to support your child at home.

Below you can find a snapshot of the topics we cover across the year, and some of our favourite activities within each half-term.

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1
Main TopicAll About Me / AutumnFestivals and CelebrationsAntarctica / Exploring the World
PhonicsPhase 2- single soundsPhase 2 – single soundsPhase 3- digraphs
MathsAccurate counting, 2D shapes, repeating patternsLength, height, 3D shapes, measuringAddition, accurate counting to 20, shapes, comparing sizes
Communication & LanguageListening and turn-taking gamesIntroduce Talk 4 WritingStorytelling, modelling and extending language
Physical DevelopmentIntroduce Dough Disco, large-scale mark-making, recognising namePersonal safety and managing risksDeveloping letter formation
PSED Learning routines and expectationsBuilding confidenceTurn-taking games
Understanding the World Autumn walk, talking about likes and dislikesCelebrations- Bonfire Night, Diwali, ChristmasExploring globes and maps, finding familiar places, comparing different environments, Chinese New Year
Expressive Arts & DesignSelf portraits, transient art, junk modellingClay diva lamps, firework paintings, patternsPainting, observational drawings, using chalks
Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Main TopicHealthy LifestylesLife Cycles & MinibeastsGrowing
PhonicsPhase 3- digraphsPhase 4 – CCVC and CVCC wordsPhase 5
MathsWeight, number formation, money, time Addition, subtraction, counting forwards and backwards Capacity, comparing numbers, direction, money
Communication & LanguageLearning and exploring stories, sharing experiencesChanging stories through Talk 4 Writing Developing and extending vocabulary
Physical DevelopmentCutting skills and fine motor development, healthy eating and exerciseGross motor skills outside- balancing and negotiating spaceTargeted letter and number formation
PSEDLocal visits- new experiences Building resilience and staminaTransition activities
Understanding the WorldSigns of spring, Easter, Holi Life cycles of different animals, minibeast hunts, comparing minibeasts Growing different plants at school, lifecycle of a plant
Expressive Arts & DesignMaking cards, exploring colour Child-ledChild-led