Friends of the School (P.T.A.)

Parents and staff are automatically members of this Association, the aims of which are to foster home/school relations and involve the school as part of the local community.

Over the years the fundraising by the friends of the school has helped enrich our children’s learning contribute to purchasing significant items such as five new computers, a gazebo for the Secret Garden and other items like book bags and Christmas presents given out each year.  Also many of the activities are great fun for the kids (and families too).

As another school year starts we’d like to know – do you have any great ideas money raising ideas?

Some of the things we’ve done before and coming up this year include:

  • A cake sale for each of the classes – the money goes directly to the class teacher to use for items in their own classroom.
  • Autumn Disco.
  • Bingo
  • A Christmas Market  – we’ve done this a number of times and it’s been really successful – it’s a great place to buy some unique Christmas presents.
  • An Easter Egg Hunt after school – the children loved finding the letters to work out the Easter puzzle – and the chocolate egg at the end!
  • A Sponsored Walk – the children had a great time – more of a run than a walk!
  • After school Summer Fete

If you’d like to have a chat with one of the regular friends about any ideas or offers of help we are all very approachable.  We are always keen to hear what you think about the fundraising in the school and how we can ensure the parents, family and children feel involved.  If you’d like to help at any of the events above or on other ideas please let us know, any time you can give is very much appreciated.

The Friends always welcome new members at their meetings. For further information please see Mrs Fulcher or Mrs Cant  in the School Offices, or catch one of the Friends on the playground.