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Week 1

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Week 6

Home Learning


Hello from Miss Bailey, Miss Jones, Mrs Southerby and Mrs Cleghorn! Remember to send us messages on Class Dojo or our year 3 email address! We are here to help!

Home learning Spring Term 2021

Week 5


Monday-01.02.2021 (PDF)


Week 4

Answers-TenthsDownloadVertical-Format-TenthsDownloadFriday-29.01.2021 (PDF)DownloadFriday-29.01.2021 (PowerPoint)DownloadTopic-Research-Victorian-Clothes (PDF)DownloadTopic-Research-Victorian-Clothes (PowerPoint)DownloadWednesday-27.01.2021 (PDF)DownloadWednesday-27.01.2021 (PowerPoint)DownloadScience-Dissolving-(PowerPoint)DownloadScience-Dissolving (PDF)DownloadTuesday-26.01.2021 (PowerPoint)DownloadTuesday-26.01.2021.(PDF)DownloadMonday-25.01.2021 (Powerpoint)DownloadMonday-25.01.2021 (PDF)Downloadyear-3-English-Home-Learning-4DownloadYr-3-maths-Home-Learning-4Download

Week 3

Esio-Trot-word-search-PDFDownloadEsio-Trot-Friday-activitiesDownloadArt-cubism-portraitsDownloadFriday-22nd-Jan-1DownloadFriday-22nd-Jan PDFDownloadTopic-1700s-clothes PDFDownloadTopic-1700s-clothes DownloadThursday-21st-January-2021DownloadThursday-21st-January-2021 PDFDownloadScience-bottle-rockets PDFDownloadScience-bottle-rocketsDownloadwinter-sunset-20-1-21DownloadWednesday-20th-January- PDF 2021-1DownloadWednesday-20th-January-2021-1DownloadPE-Dance-DownloadReading-ComprehensionDownloadTuesday-19th-January-2DownloadTuesday-19th-January-2 PDFDownloadFrench colours-lesson-18-1-21DownloadWinter-Collage-18-1-21DownloadMonday-18th-January-1DownloadMonday-18th-January-PDFDownload

Week 2

Art activity 1DownloadArt activity 2DownloadTonal-Shading-Presentation-ARTDownloadTudor-Clothing (Powerpoint)DownloadFriday-15.01.2021(PDF)DownloadFriday-15.01.2021 (PowerPoint)DownloadThursday-14.01.2021 (PDF)DownloadThursday-14.01.2021 (Powerpoint)DownloadWednesday-13.01.2021 (Powerpoint)DownloadWednesday-13.01.2021 (PDF)DownloadPE-activities (PowerPoint)DownloadPE-activities (PDF)DownloadTuesday-12.01.2021 (PowerPoint)DownloadTuesday-12.01.2021 (PDF)DownloadYear-3-Work-booklet-2DownloadMonday-11.01.2021 (powerpoint version)DownloadMonday-11.01.2021 (PDF version)Download

Week 1

Friday-8th-January-2021 (PDF)DownloadFriday-8th-January-2021 (PowerPoint)DownloadArt-cat-dogDownloadThursday-7th-January-2021 (PowerPoint)DownloadThursday-7th-January-2021 (PDF)DownloadWednesday-6th-January-2021 (PowerPoint)DownloadWednesday-6th-January-2021(PDF)DownloadTuesday 5th January 2021 (PowerPoint)DownloadTuesday 5th January 2021 (PDF Version)Download

Hamilton Trust (Maths and Literacy -2 Week Home Learning Pack)

Maths – Week 1Y3-Day-1DownloadY3-Day-2DownloadY3-Day-2_PowerpointDownloadY3-Day-3DownloadY3-Day-4DownloadY3-Day-4_PowerpointDownloadY3-Day-5Download

Literacy – Week 1Year-3-Day-1DownloadYear-3-Day-2DownloadYear-3 Day-3DownloadYear-3-Day-4DownloadYear-3-Day-5DownloadAdverbs-with-audioDownloadClauses-and-Conjunctions-with-audioDownload

Maths -Week 2Y3-Day-1DownloadY3-Day-2DownloadY3-Day-2_PowerpointDownloadY3-Day-3DownloadY3-Day-4DownloadY3-Day-4_PowerpointDownloadY3-Day-5Download

Literacy– Week 2Year-3-Day-1DownloadYear-3-Day-2DownloadYear-3-Day-3DownloadYear-3-Day-4DownloadYear-3-Day-5DownloadWord-Class-with-audioDownload
























Year 3 VideoDownload3J – Mrs Cleghorn’s BubbleDownload3B – Miss Bailey’s BubbleDownload3J- Miss Jones’ BubbleDownload

This week’s learning packs are now in the office (Set 6)

Take a look at this week’s photos…3J-photos-slidesDownloadPhotos-of-3B-Thursday-9th-JulyDownloadPhotos-of-3B-Friday-10th-JulyDownload

Take a little look at some photos of Thursday and Friday back at school…Photo-PowerpointDownload

This week’s learning booklets are at the school office if you’d like a paper copy. We have added them below too!

Maths WC 12.07.20Y3-Week-10-Day-1DownloadY3-Week-10-Day-1-PowerpointDownloadY3-Week-10-Day-2DownloadY3-Week-10-Day-2-PowerpointDownloadY3-Week-10-Day-3DownloadY3-Week-10-Day-4DownloadY3-Week-10-Day-5Download

Literacy WC 12.07.20Y3_Week-12_Day-1DownloadY3_Week-12_Day-2DownloadY3_Week-12_Day-3DownloadY3_Week-12_Day-4DownloadY3_Week-12_Day-5DownloadPunctuating_Direct_Speech_BirdsDownload

Previous Home Learning

Literacy WC 06.07.2020Y3_Week-11_Day-1DownloadY3_Week-11_Day-2DownloadY3_Week-11_Day-3DownloadY3_Week-11_Day-4DownloadY3_Week-11_Day-5DownloadGR_The_Little_Story_who_didnt_want_to_be_ToldDownloadPowerpoint_puctuating_direct_speechDownload

Maths WC 06.07.20Y3-Week-9-Day-1DownloadY3-Week-9-Day-1-PowerpointDownloadY3-Week-9-Day-2DownloadY3-Week-9-Day-3DownloadY3-Week-9-Day-4DownloadY3-Week-9-Day-5Download

Below you will find the Literacy and Maths learning for the week. We are at school again all week so we thought it would be easier to give you the week’s learning in advance. Don’t forget to collect the booklets if you’d like a paper copy!

Literacy for WC 29.06.20Year-3-Week-10-Day-1DownloadYear-3-Week-10-Day-2DownloadYear-3-Week-10-Day-3DownloadYear-3-Week-10-Day-4DownloadYear-3-Week-10-Day-5DownloadConjunctions-and-Prepositons-with-audioDownloadKing-of-Rome-Dialogue-with-audioDownload

Maths for WC 29.06.20Y3-Week-8-Day-1DownloadY3-Week-8-Day-1_PowerpointDownloadY3-Week-8-Day-2DownloadY3-Week-8-Day-3DownloadY3-Week-8-Day-3_PowerpointDownloadY3-Week-8-Day-4DownloadY3-Week-8-Day-5Download

Friday 26th June 2020Literacy Resources FridayDownloadLiteracy Slides FridayDownloadMATHS-Friday-26th-Activities-1-1Download

Thursday 25th June 2020Literacy Resources ThursdayDownloadLiteracy Slides ThursdayDownloadMATHS-Thursday-25th-Activities-1-1DownloadMATHS-Thursday-25th-PowerPoint-1Download

Wednesday 24th June 2020Maths-Activities-WednesdayLiteracy Resources WednesdayDownloadLiteracy Slides WednesdayDownload

Tuesday 23rd June 2020

SumDog Competition begins at 11am today! Also, when you log in, you may see a reward!Year-3-RE-Summer-SolsticeDownloadMaths-Activities-TuesdayDownloadMATHS-PowerPoint-TuesdayDownloadLiteracy- Powerpoint -TuesdayDownloadLiteracy – Activities -TuesdayDownload

Monday 22nd June 2020Literacy – Activities – MondayDownloadLiteracy- Powerpoint-MondayDownloadMaths-Activities-MondayDownloadMaths-Learning-Reminders-PowerPointDownload

WC 15th June 2020

Friday 19th June 2020Money-Challenge-2DownloadMaths – Slides – Day 5DownloadMaths- Resources- Day-5Download

Thursday 18th June 2020SPaG-AdjectivesDownloadMaths – Resources – Day 4DownloadMaths – Powerpoint – Day 4DownloadLiteracy-Activities-ThursdayDownloadLiteracy-Thursday-PowerPointDownloadAdverbs-with-audioDownload

Wednesday 17th June 2020Just for fun! Money Challenge!DownloadMaths -Length- Day 3DownloadMaths Resources – Day-3DownloadLiteracy-Activities-WednesdayDownload

Tuesday 16th June 2020Maths Powerpoint – Day 2 DownloadMaths Activities – Day 2DownloadLiteracy-Tuesday-PowerpointDownloadLiteracy-Activities-TuesdayDownload

Monday 15th June 2020Maths Activities – Day 1DownloadMaths Powerpoint – Day 1DownloadLiteracy-ActivitiesDownloadLiteracy-Clauses-and-Conjunctions-PowerpointDownloadSPAG-Adverbs-PowerpointDownloadSPAG-Adverbs-activities-and-quizDownload

Friday 12th June 2020

SPaG Powerpoint

SPaG Wordsearch

Literacy Powerpoint

Literacy Resources


MATHS – Telling the Time Quarter Past Half Past Quarter to Task Powerpoint

MATHS – Match analogue and digital times quarter hour increments – Activities

MATHS – just for fun – Telling the time analogue quiz

Thursday 11th June 2020

We are having a few technical issues with our website so we are sorry that our page does not look how it usually does! Hopefully this will be fixed soon, we are just pleased you can access the work set!

Literacy Powerpoint

Literacy Resources

SPaG Jigsaws

SPaG Powerpoint

MATHS – Write and draw analogue and digital clock times PowerPoint

MATHS -Write and draw analogue and digital clock times- Activities

Wednesday 10th June 2020

MATHS – Pairs of fractions which add to 1 PowerPoint

MATHS – Pairs of fractions which add to 1

Literacy Powerpoint

Literacy Resources

Tuesday 9th June 2020

Literacy – Day 2

Literacy resources – Day 2

MATHS -Tuesday Powerpoint

MATHS – Tuesday – Activities

Monday 8th June 2020

Please take a look below at George’s fantastic PowerPoint on Italy- it may inspire you to make one similar!George-ItalyDownloadItalian numbers from Mrs CRE – Holy trinity sunday from Mrs SLiteracy resources- King Midas – MondayDownloadLiteracy MondayMaths -Fractions – Monday – PowerPointMaths – Fractions – Monday -ActivitiesSPaG a or an powerpointSPaG a or an booklet

Friday 5th June 2020SpaG -Lit- NumDownloadExplanation worksheetDownloadSCIENCE-grouping-rocks-1DownloadIt-is-D-Day-76th-anniversary-tomorrow-read-the-info-and-have-a-go-at-quiz-1Download

Thursday 4th June 2020Thursday-4th-June-2020DownloadEstimating-Answers-WorksheetDownloadFact worksheetDownloadSCIENCE-Rocks-and-minerals-in-everyday-life-1Download

Wednesday 3rd June 2020PSHE-RacismDownloadSPaG – Lit – NumDownloadLit – Tutankhamen-SentencesDownloadMaths – Estimation-JarDownloadFrom Mrs Southerby Year-3-World-Environment-DayDownloadSCIENCE-Types-of-RocksDownload

Tuesday 2nd June 2020Spellings- Week beginning 01.06.2020DownloadMaths- Day 2DownloadLiteracy-Day-2Download

Monday 1st June 2020Maths Day-1-PowerpointDownloadMaths -Day-1- ActivitiesDownloadLiteracy-Day-1DownloadSpanish – Italian-1Download

This week’s ‘best bits’…

Jess engrossed in her Science experiment!
Dylan’s Maths wall of ALL that we have given him so far!
Summer’s Birthday cupcakes!
Summer looking proud!
Lucy’s mixture!
Amelie’s Science!
Go Dylan canoeing!!!!

Hayley and Helena experimenting!

Sam and James ‘zooming’ and completing their maths!
George went to Dunwich… he even saw an ADDER!
Helena’s packaging
William hard at work!
Jess the UNO Queen! (I’ll give you a game at school Jessie!)

Friday 22nd May 2020SPaG-Maths-Lit-22nd-MayDownloadGeneral-knowledge-quiz-powerpointDownloadArt-T-roll-animalsDownload

Thursday 21st May 2020Science-DensityDownloadSPaG-Maths-Lit-21st-MayDownloadThe-Mystery-of-the-Pirate-CaptainDownloadAnswersDownload

Wednesday 20th May 2020SPaG-Maths-Lit-20th-MayDownloadLITERACY-All-About-MeDownloadScience-DissolvingDownload60-second-read-2Download

Tuesday 19th May 2020SPaG-Maths-Lit-19th-MayDownloadLITERACY-Wolf-Activity-SheetDownloadBayeux-tapestry-art-activityDownloadReading ComprehensionDownloadRE from Mrs SDownloadSpanish from Mrs C Body-partsDownload

Monday 18th May 2020

Hi Year 3, we hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather and had a fabulous weekend!! See below for today’s learning challenges! We look forward to hearing from you!SPaG-Maths-Lit-18th-MayDownloadLittle-Red-Riding-Hood-Activity-SheetDownloadScience-FireworksDownloadSpellings-18.05.2020Download

Friday 15th May 2020Friday- Spag-Lit-NumDownloadFarm Worksheet 1 Area and perimeter DownloadFarm Values Area and PerimeterDownload

Click on a 3d net below for your packaging!Net-CubeDownloadNet-Pentagonal PrismDownloadNet- Hexagonal PrismDownloadNet -CylinderDownloadNet-CuboidDownloadTOPIC-Anglo-Saxon-Justice-SystemDownloadThe-mysyery-of-the-missing-glue-sticks-place-value-maths-mystery-gameDownloadANSWERS-The-mystery-of-the-missing-glue-sticks-place-value-maths-mystery-gameDownload

Thursday 14th May 2020Thursday SPaG- Lit – NumDownloadArea-and-Perimeter-WorksheetDownloadFreddie-and-the-FairyDownloadAnglo-Saxon-QuizDownload

Wednesday 13th May 2020WEDNESDAY-SPaG-Lit-NumDownloadTOPIC-Whos-in-chargeDownloadPixl-Quick-fire-maths-questionsDownload

Tuesday 12th May 2020TOPIC-Anglo-Saxon-foods-for-rich-and-poorDownloadTOPIC-Anglo-Saxon-Foods-Venn-Diagram-Activity-SheetDownloadIt-is-Florence-Nightingale’s-200th-Birthday-today-read-this-and-answer-the-questions-about-herDownloadTuesday-SPaG-Lit-NumDownload

Monday 11th May 2020

Good Morning Year 3!

We hope you had a great bank holiday weekend. See below for today’s challenges. We are looking forward to hearing from you today!Mon-SPaG-Lit-Num-1DownloadSpellings-11.05.2020DownloadThe-Greedy-Mouse from Mrs CleghornDownloadRE-Year-3_-Feeding-the-5000-from-Mrs-SoutherbyDownloadSCIENCE-Fish-and-amphibian-popup-pageDownloadSCIENCE-Fish-and-Amphibians-popup-page-task-sheetDownload

At school yesterday, some children collected some rocks and we painted them! They are outside the front gates of the school, if you want to take a look! Feel free to paint a stone or rock and add one to the collection!Loddon Primary Federation rock decorating…. add your own if you would like!

Thursday 7th May 2020 *Sumdog Maths competition starts at 9am – 11am!*SPaG-Maths-Lit-7th-May-1Download60 second read – Saxon PropertyDownloadVE Day WordsearchDownloadVE-Day-RationingDownload

Wednesday 6th May 2020SPaG-Maths-Lit-6th-MayDownloadPolar-Animals-ComprehensionDownloadArt-and-Design-HabitatsDownloadProblem of the DayDownloadVE day-75th-anniversary-information-powerpointDownload

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Sumdog winners – Alice, Summer and Sam! If you didn’t get a chance to do this times table challenge, hopefully you will the next! Please remember to keep practising tables at home!SPaG-Maths-Lit-5th-MayDownloadMFL-Deaf-awareness-week from Mrs C!DownloadProblems of the dayDownloadHabitatsDownloadHabitats-WorksheetDownload

Monday 4th May 2020

*Sumdog Multiplication competition available today* See how many questions you get correct – it is timed and the results get sent to us! Good Luck!SPaG-Maths-Lit-4th-MayDownloadSpellings-04.05.2020DownloadScience-Grouping-Living-ThingsDownloadVenn-DiagramDownloadAnimal-Picture-SheetDownloadActivity-Sheet-Grouping-Animals-ExtensionDownloadActivity-Sheet-Grouping-Animals-QuizDownload

This week’s highlights….

Big Sister Megan helping Little Sister Lottie with her Fraction work!
Check out Detective Dylan!
Lucy’s fancy purple hair and her shiny Saxon brooch she made
Look at Eva-Rose’s gorgeous new hair cut!
Leo’s grumpy expression in drama! Don’t worry – he was just acting!
Jame’s Shield and Pop-up Tree with facts!
Jess with her pop-up tree!
Thomas enjoying a sunny bike ride
Amber helping little sister Ruby with a floating experiment!
George is hooked on the Harry Potter books!
Elliot learning some life skills… he even hoovered the stairs!
Saxon Sam’s Stupendous Shield!
Hayley and Helena practicing their fractions using the bar model!
A fantastic shield and weapon by Elliot and Noah!
Summer made some rice pudding! Yum yum!
Jess the Warrior Princess!
William’s wonderful pop-up!
Ella’s new pet bunny!

A big hello from Mrs Matthews (and Lydia and Isla!)

Mrs Cleghorn has set you up this fantastic music programme! Check it out, log in and have a sing with your family!MUSIC – Yumu-for-yr3-1Download

Friday 1st May 2020 *SUMDOG fraction competition starts today at 10am!*BIRTHDAY-ALERTDownloadFri-SPaG-Lit-NumDownloadRecognising-Tenths-worksheetDownloadProblem of the DayDownloadOptional – Fraction Maths Assessment BookletDownloadTOPIC-Anglo-Saxon-RiddlesDownloadTOPIC-Anglo-Saxon-Village-LifeDownload

Thursday 30th April 2020Thurs-SPaG-Lit-NumDownloadPlay-Script-Writing-TemplateDownloadProblem of the DayDownload

As we all love this book, here is a ‘Read Aloud’ version of The Day the Crayons Quit

Wednesday 29th April 2020Spanish from Mrs C la-Feria-de-Sevilla-PPDownloadWed-SPaG-Lit-NumDownloadProblem of the Day!DownloadTOPIC-Anglo-Saxon-Gods-and-GoddessesDownloadTOPIC-Anglo-Saxon-Religious-Festivals-QuizDownload

Tuesday 28th April 2020Tues-SPaG-Lit-NumDownloadAdding-and-subtracting-fractions-with-the-same-denominator-activity-sheetDownloadProblem of the DayDownloadSCIENCE-The-Plant-KingdomDownloadSCIENCE-Plants-and-Flowers-HuntDownload

Monday 27th April 2020SPaG-Lit-NumDownloadSpellingsDownloadLITERACY Jack-and-Jill-script-to-orderDownloadProblem of the Day!DownloadTOPIC- Anglo-Saxon Warriors- Make a ShieldDownloadTOPIC-Label the Anglo-Saxon WarriorDownloadRE- from Mrs SoutherbyDownload

Staff messages from us to you!

Hello-from-Mrs-Cleghorn Part 1DownloadHello-from-Mrs-Cleghorn Part 2DownloadTo-3J-from-Miss-JonesDownloadA-Message-to-3B-from-Miss-Bailey-xDownloadHello-from-Mrs-SoutherbyDownload

Extra Bits and Pieces…Y ear-3-and-4-correct-the-spelling-mistakes-DownloadMaths Work Book YEAR 3DownloadFootball themed home-learning-activity-bookletDownloadThank-you-NHS cardsDownloadChoose-Objects-to-Put-in-a-Time-Capsule-ActivityDownloadMy-Home-Learning-2020-DiaryDownloadTime-Capsule-Activity-BookletDownload

Highlights from last week…Watch Elliot and Big Brother Noah’s game of ‘Sweet Pong!’ I say we play this when we are back at school!

Have a read of George Lane’s WONDERFUL Newspaper Report!DownloadClick here to watch Eva and Jasmine’s Fantastic George and the Dragon videoDownload

Austin made his own awesome Anglo Saxon beads out of clay. He then painted them to look like the beads found in old Anglo Saxon burial sites.
Dylan made some yummy cheesy biscuits.
Olivia made an awesome Anglo Saxon Brooch.
George built an amazing lego skyscraper.
Finley having fun on the tractor with his dad.
Eva-Rose baking her lovely birthday cake.
Holly and her brother making some delicious cakes.
Summer-Anne working hard on her rounding in maths.
Leo making a lego dragon from ‘George and the Dragon.’
Jess working hard on her maths and SPaG.
Amelie enjoying some baking.
Sam having fun finding banana DNA.
Lovely Lucy with a duck.
William being very helpful at home and washing the car.
Thomas making the dragon out of lego from ‘George and the Dragon.’
Ramona enjoying scratch and making her unicorn stand on its head while telling jokes.

Friday 24th April 2020 – SUMDOG COMPETITION STARTS AT 10AM TODAY!SPaG, Maths and LiteracyDownloadProblem of the DayDownloadRunes-Anglo-SaxonsDownloadMusic-BBC-Bitesize-Singing-Lesson from Mrs CleghornDownload60-second-read-Saxons-1Download

Thursday 23rd April 2020SPaG-Maths-and-Literacy-23.04.20DownloadArt-Anglo-SaxonsDownloadProblem of the Day ThursdayDownload

Wednesday 22nd April 2020Problem-of-the-DayDownloadGeography-MapDownloadGeography-Anglo-SaxonsDownloadSPaG-Maths-and-Literacy-22.04.20Download

Tuesday 21st April 2020SPaG-Maths-and-Literacy-21.04.20Download60-second-read-Human-BodyDownloadTuesday – ScienceDownload

Monday 20th April 2020SPaG-Maths-and-Literacy-20.04.20DownloadSpanish – Mrs CleghornDownloadRE-St-Georges-Day-Yr-3-from-Mrs-SoutherbyDownloadTopic-Anglo-SaxonsDownload60-second-read-SaxonsDownload


Easter Activities!Easter-Holiday-activities-1DownloadEaster-Card-Designs-From-Mrs-CleghornDownloadYear-3-Easter-Wordsearch-From-Mrs-SoutherbyDownloadSPAG-Mystery-ChallengeDownloadEaster-Joke-code-breakerDownloadEaster-Egg-Mindfulness-ColouringDownloadOrigami-Easter-bunnyDownloadDesign-your-own-egg-templateDownloadEaster-basket-craftDownloadThe-Easter-StoryDownloadEaster-Multiplication-MosaicDownloadEaster-Dot-to-DotDownloadEaster-I-SpyDownload

**Important Message for Year 3** – We recently put up a report saying that you can send pictures to an email address to put up in the NHS Nightingale but we regret to inform you that it was a fake report . We are very sorry about this! If you have already done your picture you can still email it to us, we would love to see them.

Friday 03.04.2020Friday-03.04.2020DownloadEaster-Joke-Addition-and-Subtraction-Code-BreakerDownloadAnswers-for-Easter-Joke-Addition-and-Subtraction-Code-BreakerDownload

As it is the end of the week we thought we would share all of the great things you have been getting up to this week. Thank you for sending in your lovely photos this week Year 3!!

William creating his cheerful spring picture.
Dylan using his wall map to find European capital cities.
Austin and his brother Henry building a lego bridge together.
Leo completing the Monkey Maths Challenge.
Eva and Jasmine working hard on their maths together.
Jess completing her work on European capital cities.
Amelie painting in the garden.
Sam making a boat out of clay.
Finley looking after his hen called Lucy.
James creating 3D shapes.
Thomas having fun on his trampoline!
Maisie working hard and completing her work at home.

Thursday 02.04.2020

There’s a New Sumdog competition focusing on adding and subtracting 1s, 10s and 100s, which is what we have looked at this week! It starts at 10am and finishes at 12pm. Leaderboard will be revealed!Thursday-02.04.2020DownloadEaster Mystery Maths GameDownloadSpring-Art-NEWDownload

Wednesday 01.04.20Wednesday-01.04.2020DownloadMy-Teacher-PlanDownloadThe-Monkey-Mystery-at-Animal-Antics-Zoo-Maths-InvestigationDownloadAnswers-for-The-Monkey-Mystery-at-Animal-Antics-Zoo-InvestigationDownloadAnswers-for-Year-3-Riddles-From-Mrs-SoutherbyDownload

Tuesday 31.03.2020

NEW Sumdog Spelling Challenge (plural words) 10-12 Tuesday 31st!Tuesday-31.03.2020DownloadHorizontal-Format-1-10-and-100-More-or-LessDownloadMy-Teacher-Poem-and-TaskDownload10-and-100-wordsearch-2DownloadYear-3-Riddles-From-Mrs-SoutherbyDownloadComputing-Scratch-Telling-a-JokeDownloadScience-Food-Chains-QuizDownload

Monday 30.03.2020

**Year 3 SUMDOG CHALLENGE** – see if you can complete 250 questions by 3pm – Opens at 9am!!Monday-30.03.2020DownloadScience-Food-ChainsDownloadSpanish-from-Mrs-CleghornDownloadTopic-Foods-in-Modern-EuropeDownloadTopic-Modern-Europe-Capital-Cities-ChallengeDownload

Previous WeekSumdog-ResultsDownloadANSWERS-RiddlesDownload

Thank you for all of your lovely work and photos. We have enjoyed them so much, we thought it would be nice for you all to see. Take a look at this week’s ‘highlights!’

Amber and her sister Ruby have made an incredible 7ft lego tower! Maybe you could try to beat it!?
Lucy on a bike ride in the gorgeous sun, whilst completing her nature trail!
Check out George’s work on Hogwarts!
Finley completing the nature trail!
Lottie acting as ‘Umpire’ for their table tennis match! Go, Lottie!
Dylan completing his times table challenge and coming FIRST! 7 Mins! Amazing!
Jess making one of THREE yummy cakes! We wish we could have a slice!
Hayley playing ‘Teacher’ on a whiteboard, completing her Time activities!
Helena also completing her time activities!
Summer and Ellis doing the Plank!
George completing his maths!
Eva-Rose showing her daddy how to play Sumdog!
Elliot joining in with his brother Noah’s year 6 challenge!
William has been hard at work so here he is completing his wordsearch! He had a break from playing with his gorgeous new puppy, Maggie!

Email us at

Miss Jones, Miss Bailey, Mrs Southerby and Mrs Cleghorn all share the email address so message to speak to any or all of us! We are all missing you lots. Have a wonderful time learning at home!

Friday’s Activities

ALERT… Visit CHESTER ZOO for a LIVE virtual tour of the zoo. We can’t visit it in real life but you can enjoy from the comfort of your own homes! If your parents have Facebook – go on the Chester Zoo page and you’ll be at the zoo in no time!

*NEW SUMDOG COMPETITION * begins at 10am Friday 27th ends at 3pm. Complete 150 calculations anytime before 3pm and see if you can make the top 10 Leader board! The leader board will be announced on our web page after 3pm. GOOD LUCK!Friday-Day-5-SPaG-Maths-EnglishDownloadRiddle-Time-1DownloadANSWER-Are-you-Brave-enough-Download

Thursday’s ActivitiesThursday-Day -4-SPaG-Maths-EnglishDownloadNature-Hunt-ABCDownloadTopic-European-Flag-Quiz-OffDownloadJokes from Mrs S for all of year 3DownloadChallenge-Are-you-brave-enough_Download

Wednesday’s ActivitiesWednesday-Day-3-PDFDownloadGuided-Reading-The-Butterfly-Lion-1-1Download3B-Guided-Reading-Billy-The-KidDownloadTime-activitesDownloadChase-the-rainbowDownload

Tuesday’s ActivitiesTuesday-Day-2-PDFDownload3B-Challenge-from-Mrs-SDownloadTo-3J-from-Mrs-Cleghorn-xDownloadScienceDownloadScience-animal-fact-pageDownloadPE – Dance with Oti MabuseDownloadTopic-Art-NEWDownload3J – Did you do the plank that we learnt in PE?DownloadMiss Jones and Darcy did the Joe Wicks workout – did you?!Download

Monday’s ActivitiesMonday-Day-1Download

Extra Information


  • Recall 3, 4 and 8 multiplications as well as their division facts
  • Use everyday objects to write fractions
  • Compare, order, add and subtract fractions with the same denominators
  • Measure objects around the house using a ruler and record in mm and cm
  • Baking is a perfect way to measure mass and capacity
  • Tell and write the time in 24 hour and analogue – do this at certain times of the day. Ask your children to help create a timetable
  • Draw 2D shapes and use a ruler to measure their sides
  • Add and subtract money using both pounds and pence
  • Ensure your child reads every day. Ask your child to give you a recount of what they have read.
  • Ask your children to keep a diary and include:
    – Conjunctions (if, since, at when, although, because), adverbs and prepositions (during, before, after, behind, in front of, between) to make sentences longer
    – Speech in sentences