Curriculum Subject Overview

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure comprehensive coverage of the National Curriculum. In fact, due to our careful sequencing we are able to exceed these expectations in each of our subjects. We use the National Curriculum as a starting point rather than a limit to what we cover in each subject. We build on the work of external experts for our phonics and mathematics teaching. All other subjects are taught using our in-house plans and progression. Each subject is taught discretely and weekly to support children in remembering the key knowledge and skills they need to fulfil our intent.


The aim of our teachers is always to deliver lessons that children enjoy and that motivate them to achieve. We believe that all learning should be creative, not just arts subjects.  In all lessons, children are encouraged to strive for excellence.

We want all of our pupils to be confident readers, writers and mathematicians. Our teachers make sure these areas, as well as the rest of the National Curriculum, are taught in ways that engage the natural sense of curiosity that children have. 

The result of this is that children become eager, confident pupils who understand the joy of learning and are prepared well for academic success.

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