School and Eco Council

Eco Council

We are very proud to have an Eco Schools Green Flag Award here at Loddon Infant School, and Silver Award at the Junior Site.  Our Eco Councils meets regularly to consider ways of ensuring that our school makes good use of resources and to take forward plans and activities.  In September 2022 we were very pleased to be awarded the Green Flag award.

About the Eco Council

The Eco-Council helps the school by making everyone aware of how we can save energy at Loddon Primary Federation.  We ask our classes, what they would like to do to save energy and then when we meet, we put our ideas forward and discuss projects that we can do in the future.

We also monitor the school’s energy out put by completing a weekly audit.  We look at how much energy is being used by checking if lights are switched off, doors are closed to conserve heating and if electrical items are being used appropriately. We then tally up the schools and the eco award is presented to the class who has been the most environmentally friendly.

We also litter pick to ensure the school site is clean and tidy, and promote recycling with the school.

School Council

What does the School Council do ?

Our School Councillors are a group of children who meet regularly to discuss development areas within our school.

During the last few years the School Council have influenced developments in our outdoor learning environment, new toilets, behaviour and reward systems, as well as interviewing for new members of staff.

Could You be a School Councillor ?

Are you good at listening to other children and expressing the opinions and ideas of others clearly? Then how about becoming putting yourself forward as a School Councillor at the next elections?

Do you have an idea, or a question, or a grievance? If so please make sure that you talk to you class representative so they can discuss them with the Council.